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  • Log in to your account, search and watch the full official Music Video.

  • If you purchase the song, you must delete it from your library, manually search and add it

  • again for streams to count.

  • Do not mute the song.

  • Do not loop the song/playlist.

  • Use or create focused playlist to stream. Add “Tama Na” every 1-2 songs.

  • Switch playlist and interact with the platform occasionally.

  • Share the song for more unique listeners.

  • Listen to “Tama Na” from big curated playlists.

  • Apple music is a paid platform, if you cannot afford a subscription, free trials are available.

  • You can download “Tama Na” to stream offline. Streams are counted once your device is back online.

  • You can download Apple Music for android or use it through iTunes desktop or web player (

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