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  • Log in into your Spotify account. (Premium if possible.)

  • Premium accounts weigh more on the charts than free accounts. Sign up for the 1 month free trial if you are able.

  • Only 1 account per device. If you want to stream on multiple devices, you need multiple accounts.

  • Do not loop songs, album, or playlist. Your streams will be filtered out.

  • Take your playlist off auto-play.

  • Do not use VPN/APK and Incognito.

  • Do not mute the playlist, use earphones instead.

  • Play the whole song.

  • Don’t use repeat.

  • Don’t skip/fast-forward the song.

  • Keep your playlist between 1 1⁄2- 3 hours long.

  • Include a few non-DARREN songs on your playlist.

  • Have multiple playlists to rotate through. Don’t play the same one over and over again.

  • Switch playlist often.

  • Update your playlist once a month. This just mean switching out a song occasionally or moving them around in the playlist.

  • Behave like a human. Adjust the volume and skip 2-3 songs per hour. Pause a song. Humans typically don’t listen 3 hours of music nonstop without making adjustments, but bots do.

  • You can download your playlist to play offline, but remember to log in daily so that your streaming data is counted. 

  • Share your playlist with others through social media. The more playlist people have access to, the better.

  • Pro tip for free accounts. The desktop version has less ads.

  • Stream continuously even after weeks/months of release (aim for consistency and longevity.)

  • Please remember to also have fun with this! Listening to music is always supposed to be enjoyable.

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